Dr. Samra Imran

Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College, established on December 10, 1908, has been serving the cause of educating our youth for more than a hundred years. This prestigious institution has played an important role in developing its female students to have bright career prospects in society.

Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College has always focused on merit, honour, dignity, honesty, simplicity, and hard work as its core values, the college has taken leaps in educating its students to be not just functional members in society, but also thought leaders and change makers. The college has been a platform for empowerment for its female student population, it has aided them in their career successes, and has enabled them to change cultures of organizations that they become a part of after they graduate. The college has initiated a multitude of academic programs along with sports and other extracurricular activities not only to encourage enrolment for in-demand fields but also to provide a wholesome and healthy environment for the students.

As the current principal of Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College, I would encourage our students to make full use of the facilities made available to them which includes our brilliant faculty. As an institution we believe in equitable importance of both science and arts, the college provides a brilliant platform for both these fields of study.

My recommendation to all my students is to do what you can excel in, by taking that decision with honesty you will enable you to be the best version of yourself. Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College will always aim to provide you with a platform, all we ask from you is to choose a path which best fits with your abilities and capabilities.

I would like to welcome you warmly to the Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College website. These pages will enable you to have a graphic glimpse of the intellectual, academic & administrative aspects, branches, and sections of this institution. All the information about the college and its programs is available on the website, designed to facilitate the visitors about the faculty members, the academic and co-curricular activities, programs and career guidance for the students. .