• Department of Economics

The vital importance of a postgraduate degree in Economics can never be overrated. To cater to the demands of the job market the college started M.A. Economics classes in 2003.The results of the department are a testimony of its dynamic growth. We are confident that our students shall have a keen appreciation of the dynamics of the Economics systems of the world by the time they complete their studies.

  • Department of English

The College started M.A English classes in 2007, thus fulfilling a long-standing demand of the students. English, being and international language, is a popular subject at the Postgraduate level. After obtaining a Master’s degree in English, a person has many choices open to her. We hope that the students who join this College for their Postgraduate studies in English will make full use of the opportunity granted to them.

  • Department of Mass. Communication

The importance and need of media in the present world cannot be overlooked. Advanced and innovative Communication tools and technologies have shrunk the world giving a new meaning to everything. People who want to be abreast with the day to day happening greatly rely on media. Mass communication is a contemporary field of academic study of various means of information in news papers, magazines, radio, Television, film, Advertising and public relationing it also includes research work on organizational input structure and effect of media on media on masses.The primary goal of media studies programme is to inculcate such intellectualism and creativity in the students which can enable them to become sophisticated analysts of both modern and traditional media. Keeping in view students’ ambitions and personal interest, they will be given option to select one subject for specialization.

  • Electronic Media
  • Print Media
  • Advertising
  • Research

Students getting degree in this subject will be able to join different filed o media including Electronic Media, Print Media, Advertising, Public relation and Research Organization.

  • Department of Mathematics

To effectively face the great challenges of the age of information technology the value of the discipline of Mathematics has increased enormously. Latest up-to-date knowledge of this key subject is indispensable to understand the technicalities of the computer age. To cater to this need, the Postgraduate department of Mathematics was initiated in 2003.

  • Department of Pol. Science

Political Science is an established department in Queen Mary College, Lahore. Political Science is subject which deals with state and government. It encourages the capacities of and individual to become a useful citizen, public servant and even a good political leader. This programme would also help students in better preparation for would also help students in better preparation for competitive exams of the federal and provincial civil services of Pakistan.

  • Department of Psychology

The Postgraduate department of Psychology, Queen Mary College was initiated in 2003.. Prior to that Psychology was offered as a subject on Intermediate and Bachelor’s level. The commencement of Master’s classes was a big challenge that has been successfully met owing to the dedication and unceasing efforts of the staff members of the department. Since the department is still young there are many challenges ahead but we are determined to take it forward and establish its credibly as one of the best department affiliated with the University of the Punjab, Lahore.

  • Department of Statistics

Higher education in Statistics is the need of the day. Queen Mary College Lahore has been imparting quality education in Statistics to intermediate and Degree classes. From 2003 onwards, it has started M.Ss. classes in Statistics. Degree holders can opt for professions in both the provincial and Federal Bureaus of Statistics, State Bank of Pakistan, Agricultural census and NADRA ets

Statistics Laboratory
M.Sc. Block has established its own computer laboratory, which is equipped with a sufficient number of computers to serve the needs of the Statistics students.