For decades, Queen Mary College has been educating young students to become useful citizens of their country. Among the girls who were first admitted to the school, were Ms. Jahan Ara and Ms.Gaiti Ara who later played an important role in the freedom movement of Pakistan as Begum Jahan Ara Shahnawaz and Begum Gaiti Ara Bashir Ahmad. Begum Shahnawaz also worked tirelessly for the welfare of her Alma Mater and remained the President of the Advisory Committee of the College for a number of years. Many other prominent ladies of Lahore, like Lady Fazl-e-Hussain and Lady Abdul Qadir were also members of this Committee.

Initially established as a school for the daughters of the rich and powerful, Queen Mary College, after independence, removed the old restrictions on admission to the institution and opened its gates to applicants from all sections of society. It became a Degree College in 1966 and a centre for Postgraduate classes in 2003.

The College offers bright career prospects to its young queens, encouraging them to develop their potential and polish their talents. It inculcates in them a positive attitude towards life which can ensure the fulfillment of their dreams. The motto of the College is “Service with Simplicity” which is being-zealously followed by its students. Equipped with such a training and imbued with a desire for self-improvement, the Queen Marians are making remarkable contribution in all fieldsof life-e.g. education, sports, athletics, medicine, banking, politics,etc. Even as housewives they bring something special to the art of homemaking.

Located on both sides of Durand Road near Garhi Shahu, the Queen Mary College building presents a picture of traditional architecture which fascinates with its magic. The two wings of the College are now linked, by a massive bridge built by the City Govt. Lahore at the huge cost of Rs. 6.5 million, thus fulfilling a long standing demand of the students. The bridge is instrumental in facilitating a smooth flow of staff and students to either side of the College.

Queen Mary College Lahore, starting in 1908 with a group of only 11 students, now has about 7,000 students with a faculty of 244 members.

This institution is one of its kind, where education is imparted from Class 1 to the Postgraduate level. It comprises 4 sections and each section is supervised by a Section Head. The Principal is the Chief Administrator. The 4 sections are Junior, Senior, College and the Postgraduate Section. This College is reputed for well-equipped laboratories and spacious lecture theaters. The 5 libraries of Queen Mary College, with books available on all subjects, have given benefit to many generations of students.The extensive grounds on the campus provide the best of sports opportunities to our players.