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Report on Seminar held on 25-01-2022
A seminar was held at Govt. Queen Mary Graduate College, Lahore in school hall on 25th January, 2022. It was conducted by Pakistan stock exchange Ltd. The seminar covered stock market and financial planning, stock market Eco-System etc. The seminar was attended by the faculty & students of M.A Economics, BS Economics. COVID-19 Sop’s were strictly followed. The Honorable representatives oriented the audience on different topics like: Financial Planning, historical performance of KSE-100 Index, how to select a security broker, and D’os and Don’ts of why most people lose their money in capital market. It was a good learning experience for everyone especially for students who were able to learn the aims, needs, process and ups and downs of current stock market with the help of the experts, who were delivering the Lecture. It ended with a question and answer session in which queries of the audience were resolved.